At the heart of our patient-centered focus and treatment is the shift to concierge care. This change in practice formula affords us the opportunity to spend more time interacting with our patients and providing ongoing follow-up services. Because we no longer base our practice on how many patients we see every day, we have more quality time to spend in each face-to-face visit. It also means we can now offer patients a full range of comprehensive primary services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventive care, and care coordination all on a convenient, recurring fee schedule.


Dr. Kusnetz’s approach to medical care allows for state of the art preventative and diagnostic care while at the same time providing excellent service to each and every patient. This means no telephone answering machine during regular business hours. We also offer 24-hour access to your doctor and a patient-friendly practice style to ensure the time and attention you and your family deserve.

Concierge or direct primary care programs as a standalone do not satisfy federal health benefit requirements. Without adequate insurance coverage patients may be subject to fines and penalties associated with the federal Affordable Care Act.